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January is here, and all the fuss of celebrating your favorite holiday, and the new year has come and gone. If your not and outdoors person, what can you do for entertainment/ Living in Four Seasons at Elm Tree, you don’t have to snow blow or shovel snow, so how about some culture.
All of the live theaters in the area are in the midst of their 2016-2017 seasons, so why not take in a show or concert.
If you like dinner theaters Dutch Apple and Rainbow Dinner theaters are in Lancaster and Paradise respectively and are only 15-30 minutes away. The Fulton, Ephrata Playhouse, and the theaters at F&M and Millersville universities have plays concerts dance, etc. In York there are the Belmont and the Strand theaters about 30-40 minutes away.
And Harrisburg boasts Open Stage, Harrisburg Theater and the Forum.
Again, only 30-40 minutes away.
So check out the show listings and get yourself entertained.
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Well, now we are in November and autumn is in full swing.
When you live in a 55+ community like Four Seasons at Elm Tree, you don’t have to worry about trimming your bushes or raking leaves as that is done for you. So what is there to do? Besides planning your Thanksgiving meal for family if you are the host, how about visiting an alpaca farm.
Eastland Alpacas is a working alpaca farm right outside of Mount Joy and the first two weekends in November they have an open house where you can see alpacas up close, tour the farm, and shop for some great holiday gifts.
Alpaca is ounce for ounce one of the warmest fibers around, so you may want to pick up a scarf, gloves, or even a coat for those cold winter days that are coming.
So, think outside the box and bring your grandkids to a really fun affair.
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Now that we are in October and autumn has officially arrived, it’s time to get into the season. We don’t have to rake leaves or trim our bushes, as that is taken care of for us. Just another good reason to live in a 55+ community where these chores are done for us. However, with the change in seasons, making sure your heating system is checked out for the winter should be on your to do list. Also think about storing away any fragile items you may have outside that may be effected by colder weather. For outdoor fun, visit a local apple orchard to pick your own apples. Orchards are less than an hour's ride away. Another idea is to visit one of the corn mazes in Lancaster County and see how good your sense of direction is. Don’t worry…there are monitors to guide you through if you get disoriented.  Autumn is a great transitional season to enjoy and start to think about the holidays to come.
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The local vineyards around Lancaster offer beautiful outdoor destinations with some of the best views of autumn. As soon as you make the turn into a local vineyard, you are presented with spectacular views of rolling hills and rows and rows of neatly planted grape vines.  Many of the vineyards have a wide selection of white and red grape varieties for sale as well as wine tastings and seasonal entertainment. Even if you don’t come for the wine, you can’t go wrong by a trip to the area vineyards to enjoy the graceful views. 
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Now that Labor Day has come and gone, summer is almost officially over.  But with pools closed and golf leagues winding down, it’s time to think about some culture.  When you live in a 55+ community like Four Seasons at Elm Tree, you are very close to three cities with many options for live theater, dance , and concerts .
  • In Harrisburg, just 30 minutes away from Mount Joy, there is Open Stage and Harrisburg Community Theater as well as the Harrisburg Symphony.
  • In York there is York Little Theater for plays, and the Strand for multiple forms of live entertainment.
  • The Lancaster area has the Fulton Theater for live shows and concerts, and the Ware Center next door to it for many live concerts.
  • A short drive from Lancaster are the Winter Center on the grounds of Millersville University and Ephrata Playhouse for even more theater and concerts.
All of these venues have ticket prices that are a fraction of the cost than in Philadelphia, Washington, or New York.  So go get some culture and see a local play, concert or recital. After all, the pool is closed.
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It’s that time of the year, or actually every four years, when the summer Olympics are upon us. If you’re in the Four Seasons at Elm Tree 55+ community, you can watch as much of the Olympic Games as you like since you don’t have to worry about any summer yard work.
If you’d rather watch it on a bigger screen, come down to the clubhouse and if the media room is available, watch it there.  Or have your own personal Olympics by swimming in the pool or weightlifting in the exercise room. Either way get your fill as the games are only every four years.  Cheer on the USA.
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If you miss having a backyard vegetable garden, how about renting a community garden plot? Garden plots are located in the 79 acre Buchmiller County Park.  Lancaster County Department of Parks and Recreation rents these garden plots from April to October for a small fee. All you have to add are the zucchini and tomato plants! It’s a great way to get some sun, meet fellow gardeners, and, if you have a green thumb, a great way to grow your own really fresh produce.
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Well, July 4th has come and gone which in Lancaster county means corn
season is upon us. And when you live in a 55+ community like Four
Seasons at Elm Tree, you have plenty of time to visit either the many
farmers stands locally to choose between yellow, white or bi-color corn ( a
mix of both on the same cob) or just go into town to any of the three local
supermarkets, all a couple of minutes drive away, to look at the selections
in their produce department.
And when you don’t have to worry about mowing or other outside yard
work, you’ll have plenty of time to make corn fritters, cornbread, or any
other recipe. So head out and try some of our county’s bounty.
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Buchanan Park is a local gem that is especially likable for an afternoon picnic or walk. The Park is located in Lancaster near the F&M Campus and the North Museum. Some of the Park’s best features are its shady benches, an amazing dog park and a beautiful rose garden. My favorite is the memorial rose garden which has masses of different varieties of floribunda and hybrid rose bushes.  Buy a sandwich from one the local shops near F&M and then sit next to the rose garden to take in the fragrances and beauty of the roses. Then, pack up your picnic and take a stroll. Take a few pictures, sit under the shade trees and enjoy the scenery! 
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Now that we are seriously into spring, maybe it’s time to watch some baseball. I’m not talking on tv but live professional baseball.  When you’re living in a 55+ community like Four Seasons At Elm Tree, and your lawn care is done for you, why don’t you use some of your leisure time to take in a game.
Major league teams in Philadelphia and Baltimore are only about 90 minutes away. And minor league teams located in York, Lancaster, and Harrisburg are only about 30-40 minutes away. This brand of baseball is still excellent to watch and all three teams have relatively new major league-like stadiums. And, you can’t beat the price.
Four Seasons is conveniently located in Mount Joy, so among all the other things to do 90 minutes or less away, why not try baseball this spring and summer.