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Spring is officially here and when you’re in a 55+ community like Four Seasons at Elm Tree you don’t have to worry about spring yard work as it’s taken care of for you. That leaves time to do some activities outside the community such as attending live theater. Luckily, at Four Seasons at Elm Tree we are centrally located to many theater venues.
In Lancaster there is the Fulton Theater which has actors equity productions and the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater with a tasty buffet to go along with their shows. Both are only 20 minutes or so away. A few minutes past Lancaster is the Ephrata Playhouse and the Rainbow Dinner Theater which offers another buffet to compliment their comedy shows. 
Musical reviews and concerts can be found at the American Music Theater in Lancaster, or the Strand in York (each are about a 30 minute drive). Or you can catch small productions at the York Little Theater or Open Stage of Harrisburg which are also a 30minute drive.
So put on your theater clothes (though there is no dress code at any of them) and get some tickets. It’s better than spring yardwork.
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Outdoor Activities
With spring officially here, it’s time to consider some outdoor activities.
And when you’re in a 55+ community like Four Seasons at Elm Tree, working on your lawn isn’t one of them as that is taken care of for you.
So how about a walk in the park? If you like greenery, there are plenty of parks or park like places just a short drive away. From our own Cove Park here in Mount Joy to Chickie’s Creek outside Marietta there is greenery galore. Walk along the river in Marietta or drive 25 minutes to Lancaster to visit Long’s Park or the park in the Greenfield commercial complex,. In both of these parks you can find a park bench and just watch the ducks leisurely swimming in their respective creeks. If you like historic buildings , while in Lancaster visit Rock Creek Plantation .
There is definitely enough green spaces close by to enjoy the outdoors when you live in Four Seasons at Elm Tree.
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Well, it appears spring has finally arrived. We got through our winter without personally moving any snow because in a 55+ community like Four Seasons at Elm Tree, the snow removal is taken care of for you.
And with spring closing in fast, it’s good to know that you don’t need to mow your lawn either as that is taken care of for you two.
So with the weather breaking, it’s time to get out in the air and take a walk in downtown Mount Joy with all its quaint shops, or go to downtown York or Lancaster and catch the sites. If you want to go a little farther, hop the Amtrak train (the station is a 5 minute ride away) and take a ride of a little over an hour to downtown Philadelphia.
Or if you really want to stay close to home, walk down to the clubhouse and watch the new pavilion being erected by the swimming pool.
Did someone mention swimming? Why maybe that’s just around the corner too!
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Well the big blizzard is a thing of the past, and according to our resident groundhogs, an early winter is in the forecast.  Of course, living in a 55+ community like Four Seasons At Elm Tree, the winter blues does not include shoveling snow and the aches and pains associated with it, as that is taken care of by the snow removal contractor. So how do you fight the winter blues in our community? If you want to stay close at hand, there are many social activities that take place weekly in our clubhouse (exercise groups, cards, and pool, to name a few). There are also special events such as Super bowl and Valentine's Day parties, not to mention the movie theaters, live theater, and of course all the local shopping. So when it comes to keeping busy in the teeth of the winter weather, a community such as Four Seasons At Elm Tree may be right for you if you are at least 55 years of age.
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Well, the holidays are over and winter is officially here. What’s there to do if you’re not an outdoor person? Well if you live in a 55+ community like Four Seasons at Elm Tree, you don’t need to worry about shoveling snow or winterizing your shrubs because that is taken care of for you.
So how about going to a movie? There are three major movie houses less than 30 minutes from Four Seasons. Each have multiple theaters and show the latest first run films. Penn Cinema is in Lititz, and is about 20 minutes away. They even have an IMAX at this location. MovEtown is about 15 minutes away in Elizabethtown, and Regal Theater in the Harrisburg East mall is 25 minutes away.
So thumb through the entertainment section of the newspaper, or go on line to pick a show and go be entertained.
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The Spirit of Giving
One of the most rewarding aspects in our 55+ community is the spirit of giving, especially during the holiday season. 
We support Toys For Tots, give to the local food bank, and donate to the local Boy Scout food drive.
In addition, this season we raised over $2000 for the Manheim Borough Police Department to allow them to purchase an emergency response kit for one of their patrol cars. A check was presented to the Chief of Police at our December community board meeting.  The giving spirit is alive and well at Four Seasons at Elm Tree.
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We’ve just about reached the Thanksgiving holiday.
Living in a 55+ community like Four Seasons at Rapho means that you don’t have to do any fall maintenance of your yard, as that is all taken care of for you.
And the homes here in our community have plenty of room to host family and/or friends for a Thanksgiving get-together.  Kitchens are big enough and with all the enmities to cook a huge meal for the holiday, and with three food markets less that a mile away, all the goodies are readily available with minimal driving.
So relax, cook, and eat in the coming week, because Christmas is just around the corner, and with our children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren, we all know what that means!
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Fall is here. The leaves are changing and bushes need trimming.
However, if you happen to live in a 55 and over community, like Four Seasons at Rapho, you don’t need to do these chores. They are taken care of for you. This allows you time to go to the many town fairs that are held in a 45 minute radius of Mount Joy.
Even better, if you love apples(who doesn’t), one of the largest apple festivals in Pennsylvania is held in the fall in Biglerville, about an hour away and home to many Mott’s processing plants and orchards.
Or go hiking at Chickies Rock County Park, about a 15 minute ride away.
With all your outside chores taken care of, unless you like to handle your own bushes, living in Four Seasons at Rapho allows you to have as much free time as you wish to see (or sample, if you like apples) the fall beauty in the area.
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When you live in a 55+ community like Four Seasons at Elm Tree, there is always something to do, like swimming, games, social activities (but no yard work or snow removal!). 
However, at times you can be so busy you just forget something.  This happened to us last week.  We forgot to take dinner out to defrost in a timely fashion, so when I went to start cooking, it was still hard as a rock.  We were just lounging around the house (translation - dressed like slobs), so we didn’t want to change and go out to eat.
But with living in Four Seasons, we are less than a mile away from a shopping plaza with 3 restaurants that have takeout.  Chinese, deli, or Italian, there is quite a choice, as well as a supermarket to pick up a meal if you still feel like cooking.
Living so close to places like this are a great advantage at Four Seasons at Elm Tree.  You get to these restaurants as well as a spa, liquor store, optician, hair salon, and gas station without even going onto the main road.  Convenience is a definite plus.
by Al Gore
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Well, now that the U.S. Women’s Open at Lancaster Country Club is over, I got to thinking about golf in the area. Living in Four Seasons at Elm Tree, a vibrant 55+ community in Mount Joy, one has a literal buffet of golf course to enjoy.
And knowing that all outside maintenance is taken care of at Four Seasons, one has plenty of time to sample them.
Less than 30 minutes away are public courses in Manheim (Treetops), Millersville (Crossgates), Lancaster (Overlook), Wrightsville (Cool Creek), Middletown (Sunset), and right in our own backyard is Highlands of Donegal here in Mount Joy.
If you are looking to join a country club, there are three in Lancaster, each about a half hour away. There is Media Heights CC, Conestoga CC, and Lancaster CC, where the 2015 U. S. Women’s Open was just played.
So, if golf is your game, and you are looking for a vibrant 55+ community, check out Four Seasons at Elm tree in Mount Joy, PA.