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Living in a 55 and over community, where all outside maintenance is taken care of, leaves you with large blocks of free time.
At Four Seasons at Elm Tree, a vibrant 55+ community located in the south central Pennsylvania town of Mount Joy, you can’t spend all your free time in the gym, pool, game room, or on the tennis court.
One needs time for shopping. Food wise, residents are within walking distance of two supermarkets, and a 5-minute drive from another one.
For serious shopping, the central location of Four Seasons at Elm Tree puts you within a 15-minute drive from Park City Mall in Lancaster, the largest mall in south central PA.  Not 5 minutes from there are stores in the Red Rose Commons strip mall, and in the Wal-Mart plaza.
If you are an outdoorsman, Bass Pro shops is 25 minutes away adjacent to the Harrisburg East Mall in Harrisburg, and you are only 20 minutes away from York Galleria in York, PA.
So at Four Seasons, you have the advantage of leisurely 55+ living in a small town atmosphere, but you are only a short drive(or walk) to many commercial areas in the 3 cities close by.
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Retirees, especially young ones, are becoming increasingly active -- and that’s a good thing. You might be surprised to know that Americans 55 and older are actually the fastest-growing group of people joining gyms, with membership skyrocketing by more than 266% (according to IBISWorld research) since 1987. How does this affect the health and wellness of these active adults? Some brand-new research actually quantifies that.

A New Study on Exercise in Older Adults
A study conducted by Oslo University Hospital and published
in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has found that older men who exercised for just three hours each week lived around five years longer than older adults who were sedentary. That means the impact of even light to moderate exercise has as dramatic an impact on life expectancy as quitting smoking.

The study, which involved 5,700 men and tracked them over 11 years, found that those who did six 30-minute exercise sessions per week were 40% less likely to have passed away during the study period. The exercise didn’t have to be particularly intense to have that effect, either; the authors concluded that regular exercise was more important than intensity, with light exercise having the same positive impact.

Staying Active in an Over 55 Community
That’s certainly a powerful incentive to view post-retirement years as ideal ones to keep moving. And indeed, one of the major reasons active adults are drawn to 55+ community living is that these communities offer a peaceful environment without encouraging a sedentary life. Most age-qualified housing and 55+ communities (around 71%) are in the suburbs, but offer numerous opportunities for activities that can be scaled to any fitness level. A full quarter of people who are buying in active adult communities, for example, want access to golf courses, and an over 55 community may offer amenities such as tennis courts, fitness centers, cycling groups and walking trails, too.

And, of course, the benefits of an active life aren’t limited to living longer, either. Staying active in your 50s, 60s, 70s and up can reduce pain, keep your mind sharp and even release the endorphins that keep you happy and engaged. All those benefits will be increased when you find activities you love to do and can share with like-minded people, so there’s no reason not to investigate an over 55 community and the numerous other ways there are to keep moving.

Are over 55 community activities one of your major reasons for considering moving into a 55 and up community? What is a 55+ community’s appeal for you, if not that? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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Do you like trains?  Well if you live here in Four Seasons at Elm Tree, our vibrant 55+ community in beautiful Lancaster County, you’re in luck.
You are just a short ride from Strasburg, PA and all that it offers to train enthusiasts. There is a train museum, the Choo Choo Barn with its huge model train exhibit, and a myriad of other shops and activities to satisfy your every train fixation.
Because all of the outside maintenance here at Four Seasons at Elm Tree is taken care of for you, you have free time to enjoy your train passion.
And if you come home from Strasburg hot and tired, just change into your swimwear and walk down a few short blocks to our large outdoor pool, opening on Saturday, May 23rd!  You may well find several other train enthusiasts who live here in our community hanging out by the pool, as well.
Senior living in Lancaster County has its advantages, and living in a community such as Four Seasons at Elm Tree puts you right in the center of most of them.
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Living in a 55 and over community definitely has its perks.
And one like Four Seasons at Elm Tree is extra special as it is so close to many diverse activities. If you enjoy hiking, we are only 15 minutes or so away from Chickie’s Rock County Park which overlooks the Susquehanna River with its stunning views.

With a project to connect the Susquehanna Trail from Columbia to Marietta scheduled to be completed this year, a hiker can walk straight through from one town to the next.  The trail also accommodates biking enthusiasts.
Check it out!

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If you’re around the age of 55, then you’re probably starting to look at your retirement options, and that’s a smart move. But how can you choose the right kind of retirement community to meet your needs? Here are five important tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible:
Know All Your Options for Retirement Living
Many people in the 55+ age range shy away from retirement planning because they think that traditional care homes and assisted living facilities are their only options. But 55+ community living is a much broader category that offers a wider range of services and independent living options more appropriate for active adults. The number of people moving into these kind of owner-occupied communities has been rising, from only 6% in 2001 to 13% in 2007. And while newer data is difficult to compile, that trend is likely to continue.
Shop Well Before You Plan to Move
Even if you know what kind of retirement or 55 and up community you’re planning to move into, it’s a good idea to shop around well in advance. Some communities may not have units available immediately, and you don’t want to end up living in a 55+ community that’s your second choice because you’ve waited until you’re wanting to move right away.
Ask About Activities and Amenities
Entering retirement doesn’t mean sitting on the couch all day watching TV; Americans over 55 are actually the fastest-growing group of gym members, going up more than 266% since 1987, according to IBIS World. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that so-called leisure activities are one of the factors that attract at least 22% of people moving into an over 55 community. It’s important to remember, however, that over 55 community activities vary quite a bit, and it’s important to ask about them specifically as you’re exploring options in your area. Depending on where you look, over 55 community activities might lean more toward tennis tournaments or more toward game nights (or span both).
Allow Time for the Emotional Process
Especially if you’ll be leaving a home you’ve had for a long time, it’s important you allow time for emotional processing as part of your move -- both for you and for any of your children who may have grown up in that home. Talk through your decision to move with family members early on in the process so they can be more supportive.
Build a Detailed Budget Before You Decide
Buying a home in an active adult retirement community can be a smart investment; after all, if you’re moving around age 55, you’ll most likely be spending decades in your new house. But it’s still important that you sit down and make a detailed budget, including the monthly fees that will cover concerns like outdoor maintenance and clubhouse access.
What kind of over 55 community activities or services are you looking for? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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About 10,000 baby boomers retire each day, some requiring much more care than others to maintain a high quality of life. If you’re among the group looking toward retirement -- or are responsible for caring for a retired loved one -- then you’ve probably been looking at what your options are. Although traditional senior housing (what used to be called nursing homes) are still an option for older people requiring round-the-clock care, there are often better options for younger retirees or those who wish to maintain an active lifestyle. Some housing options even offer adjustable care levels to promote maximum independence while still providing whatever assistance is required. One such option is a 55+ community. Here are answers to some of the questions you’re probably asking:
What Is a 55+ Community Exactly?
The most basic question -- what is a 55+ community -- can be answered on two levels. On the most basic, it’s simply an age 55 and up community. But there’s quite a bit more to these communities than the minimum age; they’re organized around activities and common interests so that retirees can maintain a high quality of life without having to go far. An over 55 community will typically have some shared space, such as a clubhouse, regular groups and special events. That means you or your loved one could have a separate living space while still enjoying daily card games, exercise classes, book clubs, picnics and dances. The actual configuration of these senior residences vary; most have between 25 and 120 units, and those units may vary in size from a single room to a full apartment. Some communities even offer full-sized detached houses, so it’s really up to the retirees how they prefer to live.

What Are the Benefits of 55+ Community Living?
Studies have shown that living in a 55+ community or similar independent living group is extremely good for the mental health of residents. One found that 89.3% of residents in independent living communities rated their overall satisfaction as either good or excellent. These types of facilities also encourage regular physical activity, which is important considering only about 22% of seniors report getting regular exercise. The other advantage of a 55+ community is that while retirees can stay in the same place for many years, it doesn’t have the end-of-life associations that a nursing home does; retirees have many years left to enjoy in the community, and can simply gradually add extra assistance to their lives as they age.

What Is a 55+ Community’s General Cost?
Because 55+ communities are really just like any other master-planned community, costs vary widely based on location and the size of the units or houses offered. The advantage of this route, over something like assisted living or a retirement home, however, is that buying space in a 55+ community is an investment, just like buying any other home. So while there is a cost, there's also an asset gained. There will likely be fees (just like condo fees, homeowners’ association fees, etc.) that cover outdoor care, snow removal, trash pickup and maintenance of common spaces that you will need to work into your budget.

Are you looking at senior living options for yourself, or for a loved one? Use the comments section to discuss what you’re hoping to find.
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Well, the holidays are gone and hopefully, so is any leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Winter is officially here. What’s there to do if you’re not an outdoor person? Well if you live in a 55+ community like Four Seasons at Elm Tree, you don’t need to worry about shoveling snow or winterizing your shrubs because that is taken care of for you.
So how about going to a movie? There are three major movie houses less than 30 minutes from Four Seasons. Each have multiple theaters and show the latest first run films. Penn Cinema is in Lititz, and is about 20 minutes away. They even have an IMAX at this location. MovEtown is about 15 minutes away in Elizabethtown, and Regal Theater in the Harrisburg East mall is 25 minutes away.
So thumb through the entertainment section of the newspaper, or go on line to pick a show and go be entertained.
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