New and Improving
Posted on Dec 31st, 2020

    Since March, 2020, the Four Seasons at Elm Tree community has been watchful and wary of the covid-19 concerns. We listened, read, and behaved according to prescribed authorities. But, as an over-55 neighborhood, we had more time than many to replace normal activities with readjustments to them. Happily, most of us continued life or resumed acceptable actions within our limitations. Some meetings and socialization kept us updated well, albeit via Zoom and Skype. As always, our newsletters and emails brought us helpful information.
     The calendar pages turned to spring and summer months wherein we usually enjoy family and friends at our swimming pool, outdoor patio and clubhouse entertainments, or traveling. Discretion was warranted, and few of us left home often. Local food businesses profited from our take-out ordering; senior hours at grocery stores were beneficial; we learned how to help each other even more than before! It felt so good to be near various places to shop safely!
     Now, many of us, especially those over 75, are expecting the new vaccine to be scheduled in a timely manner. With patience and common sense, slowly we can resume gathering, enjoy planning outings and personal contacts. We aren’t headed into spring without the winter days ahead, so care remains crucial awhile longer to our health and the well being of others.
      Resolve: to be so hopeful that the new year, 2021, will improve our lives together!
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