Posted on Jul 31st, 2021

Sirius-ly, the dog days of summer have been with us quite awhile already, as Orion’s dog star rises with the big hunting dog brightening the night skies! When Sirius appears alongside the sun, both stars combine to bring HEAT in August.
However, Four Seasons at Elm Tree’s residents can bask in sunshine while cooling off in our swimming pool, practicing water aerobics scheduled weekly, then enjoying hot tub relaxation for those taut muscles. More activities are happening now in the air conditioned clubhouse, so we gather more readily, keeping cool and calm as we befriend other over-55 community neighbors, sometimes joining for easy meals from the visiting food trucks.
Our Mount Joy, PA location allows for many worthwhile day trips, drives through wonderful farm country to Hershey, Lancaster, Baltimore, Harrisburg…even Philadelphia. Of course, our new Amtrak station allows easy access to such places for us, or for visiting family and friends. Thankfully, most museums, restaurants, historic sites are reopened for tours and rediscovery. Such exploration and stimulation helps our mental health as we appreciate the world around us.
Back home, we continue outdoors, often with friends and neighbors having barbecues, wine sharing, good chatter, and laughter, the best medicine! Fresh corn, tasty tomatoes and ripe peaches are local foods we love best right now, and they are so easy to find at farm stands and markets all around us. There are such pleasant drives to find new ones and mention to others.
May the sun shine down on our happy homes, bring us more sunshine vitamin D, help our plants and trees to flower and fruit well, before we face summer’s end, alas.
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