Come Unity
Posted on Dec 1st, 2021

Calendar dates crossed off too quickly! Days with several must-do lists! Festive but hurried… these used to be the feelings we had when December arrived each year! However, with plenty of cooperation, kindnesses, and caring, the Four Seasons at Elm Tree COMMUNITY approaches the end of 2021more relaxed, for we are seniors, over 55, who have more time to plan well and enjoy all we like to do.
We are participating and volunteering, attending the Art-Crafts’ Show and the Four Seasons’ Singers’ Holiday Concert, pondering memberships on some committees to begin the new year, merrily decorating the clubhouse as well as our own houses, inviting new residents to the Happy Hours, the exercise and yoga classes, and the men’s and women’s monthly lunches.
The charming surrounding towns of Lancaster County offer chances to bring friends here together for country drives, varied shopping, historic exploration, popular dining spots, all while checking the lights and sparkle shown. Grandchildren and families also can visit to be included in all we enjoy nearby.
Meanwhile, we turn on the holiday music, perhaps light a fire, choose special gifts and cards, and stock our kitchens with cocoa, candy canes, and gingerbread cookies, ready for those we appreciate and love to come share with us…a very giving, caring COMMUNITY!
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