Posted on Jan 1st, 2022

MMXXII…or 2022 in Roman numerals…but many will enjoy writing 2-22-22 on their checks and letters this February! Wasn’t it just 2000, and we wondered what the new century would be called? Twenty hundred or two thousand? Depends on your perspective and cultural norm.
     Nevertheless, we over-55s at Four Seasons at Elm Tree in Mount Joy, PA are grateful to be entering the new year, full of hopes and desires. The Maori “walk backwards into the future”, integrating the past with what’s to come, treasuring former happenings and looking to the future, even thought we are yet to experience that!
    Opportunities, which may benefit ourselves as well as others, are presented to us frequently for careful consideration as we note well the extra time we have in retirement. We are paying close attention to each step we take; appreciating the light falling onto the path in this moment. It will never fall quite the same way again! Rest, exercise, socialization, and wise decisions are part of what’s needed for healthy, prosperous living.
     Some houses here are for sale; we always enjoy meeting new neighbors and introducing them to the advantages here! New and different activities are proposed and sought, our community’s amenities aplenty make our lifestyles so pleasant and busy.
     We shall repeat the seasonal weather patterns this winter, and many of our comfort meals and the favorite places we frequent. But, as Rainer Maria Rilke wrote: “And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”
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