Posted on Aug 1st, 2022

A la the Romans, we transition this month from statesman, Julius Caesar, to the first Roman emperor, Augustus! Many of us here at Four Seasons at Elm Tree have visited and toured Rome and other parts of Italy, enjoying even more traveling in our retirement. It’s always a good time to hear of our friends’ vacation activities, or to join them with relatives arrived to stay awhile during these warm summer days.
Our salt water pool has been so inviting, especially after our morning aerobics or stretch yoga. Grandchildren love coming to share the cooling water! Pickelball players are regularly practicing and playing better each time, as are the golfers. Food trucks continue to bring their no-cooking-evenings when we can gather at the clubhouse to chat and eat. The space satellite is still visible above us many nights for its quick trip, and Leo shines as the celebrated constellation much of August.
Lancaster County summers offer more places and opportunities opened to tour and learn about the wealth of history here, to share new experiences w/our company, and to explore farm and garden growth and guidance for our own little plots! Roadside stands abound w/fresh produce, flowers and, sometimes, a chance to meet the growers and their families.
We are outdoors, on the decks and patios, roaming the nearby neighborhoods for pleasant walks, (great to do with our dogs) getting our sunshine vitamin D in the sunshine as summer days linger a whole other month!
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