Posted on Nov 30th, 2022

It isn’t too difficult to hear many German words and phrases living here in
Lancaster County, PA! Our over-55 community of Four Seasons at Elm Tree has
a great location to visit many local historic sites, to attend senior seminars, and to
volunteer so many places to learn more of Pennsylvania German lore and
traditions. Accessing such activities warrants pleasant drives through the area.
The gemütlich, or friendliness and cozy ambiance of the holiday season upon
us, brings even more togetherness as we listen to our Four Seasons Singers’
Holiday Concert, gather at the decorated clubhouse for a festive open house
evening, try to fit in more exercising and card games between the to-do lists that
are all-too-common this month.
Once the holiday season ends, an awareness settles for the time to turn more
inward, watching for snowfall, noticing the warm aromas of spices from the
baking and cooking warming our homes. One of our streets with famous authors’
names honors Louisa May Alcott who wrote: “The power of finding beauty in the
humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.” With restful days after
busyness and company, we know how to enjoy retirement and contentment even
more as we age well here. There are always activities listed in our monthly
calendar; there can be volunteering in many ways either here or outside our
neighborhood, and groups of us are going places frequently to discover
something new!
We continue offering help to each other, holiday season or not, as good
neighbors are easy to find here. Merry and bright are adjectives we try to
personify! 2022 will become a calendar of memories very soon, so we can plan
during this month of December to add those we’ve wanted and missed while we
stay warm, gut und glucklich…warm, well and happy!
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