Posted on Mar 1st, 2023

Such a dilemma over sunrise and sunset! However, we of Four Seasons
at Elm Tree have been delighted to see lightening skies after 5 o’clock! The
feeling seems to be that there’s more time in the day to enjoy, accomplish,
and relax. We do know that more is coming soon now, with Daylight
Savings Time due March 12th. So, do set all of your clocks (and some
watches?) the night before.
Unseasonable 2023 winter has given us more time to be out, days to
visit, shop, walk, and enjoy all but those chillier rainy days we are indoors,
baking, reading, warming ourselves well.
With the month of March usually questionable, we may hope for a lovely
snowfall or have the daffodils blooming so much earlier than expected.
More social activities are being added to the calendar. The landscapers
are starting their spring primping. Our little library has received more varied
books to be taken and read. Morning exercise sessions bring more of us to
the clubhouse. The newsletter continues to be the updating we need each
We are more easily achieving well-being by connecting with people,
staying active, continuing to learn, being mindful and generous. And resting
is always a plus, necessary for the refreshment of body and mind. March
here will be unpredictable, but it’s also fun!
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