Once Again
Posted on Aug 31st, 2023


    It’s September! And the rhythm of our lives can be subtly represented by changing seasons. Here, at Four Seasons at Elm Tree, we have seen new neighbors well-settled near us, learning of them as soon as we can; we soon shall celebrate their residency at another Meet the Neighbors’ Night. 
    We approach our days and surroundings with new ideas, some practical thoughts towards colder weather, and all that the autumn months bring. Are there new directions for us to follow?…or shall we stay the course, but with a guiding force for balance and calm? 
     There are just a few more times to enjoy our salt water swimming pool; Book Club has resumed as has the Four Seasons’ Singers rehearsals. Our Mount Joy food bank has greeted several more volunteers from our community lately, who are greatly needed at this time! Good challenges and changes to many schedules! Social Committee continues to introduce new activities, programs and fun! Naturally, the golfers, Bocce and Pickelball players are enjoying all of the sunshine and daylight left as summer wanes. 
     It is a popular time for many of us to plan vacations since schools have reopened, along with many opportunities for us traveling seniors! We’re happy to have had the warmth of the season, the daylight to enjoy more with families and friends, and fresh produce from local farmers, too! “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart!”
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