Posted on May 3rd, 2024

     May Day! May Day! Meaning an emergency, or…the first of this month, when nosegays and flower baskets are front door surprises! Quite a difference. 
     We, at Four Seasons at Elm Tree, are delighted for the warmth already here, and for the blooming trees and flowers throughout our neighborhood. No lawn care to take time from relaxation and good fun! 
     Our Singers’ group has warmed up well to entertain us soon with their renditions of Broadway tunes at their spring concert. Many outdoor activities have resumed as Pickleball players, golfers, tennis and Bocce enthusiasts, walkers, bikers, and happy gardeners are out and about again. Doors and screens are opened, decks and patios are washed with furniture replaced, and the full Flower Moon will appear later this month. 
     Election of new Board members highlights May when we add a total of 5 volunteer members to help us oversee this community. Another DOWN outing for a dinner theater is scheduled; the ladies will enjoy the ever-popular High Tea at Infusions, and the end of the month will feature another Memorial Day barbecue. Certainly many of us will add graduations, weddings and happy Mother’s Day events. The calendar is filling with more to see and do throughout warmer weather. 
     The merry month will bring us together more, giving us feel-good-highs for good mental health as we age well here. Capture the joys hovering within your reach!
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