Fiery & Hot
Posted on Jul 1st, 2024

     Firecrackers! Fireworks! Fire pits! There’ll be lots of heat this month! Plus parades, campfires, sand and sun! Four Seasons at Elm Tree residents will continue to enjoy their outdoor patios, pergolas, chimineas, grills, porches, sunrooms and awnings! We certainly have a diversity of personal design selections for our uses. 
     Here in Mount Joy, PA, we know there will be fresh corn soon, chosen and prepared just after picking! Local ripe blueberries are also in season! So many farm stands and markets to find for making the best selections… much to be cooked, frozen and used during winter when our palettes recall summer freshness! 
     Local Fourth of July festivities are so special, traditional and meaningful that we want our families to join us for them! American flags will be flying well throughout the area and many will dress our homes as well. Red, white and blue flowers in front of our homes and decorative clothing are also popular signs of the holiday. 
     Our new 5-member volunteer Board keeps us apprised of new projects and ideas. Our monthly newsletter and calendar are complete resources for information and reminders. As we continue to appreciate the salt water pool and hot tub on humid days, we can schedule Bocce, Pickleball, tennis, water aerobics, exercising and workouts as desired. Bikers and walkers are always on the nearby path, golfers keep swinging, and picnickers are finding new spots for a pleasant outing with friends and family. 
     Keep Cool & Carry On!!!
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