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Not Corny
Posted on Jul 29th, 2019

Not Corny
Life’s been peachy at Four Seasons at Elm Tree! The yummy berry, melons and peach treats, the fun in the swimming pool, the gathering to chat after family visits, and the returns from vacations taken…all are a very pleasant part of summer in our over-55 community. Yes, it’s been hot, and it’s said to be the hottest July on record around the world! Outdoor showers would be delicious! But, we’re happy to use some air conditioning when needed. We haven’t heard of anyone frolickling through the sprinklers…yet?!
On cooler evenings or early mornings, walks along the path by the ponds make us feel refreshed and invigorated again, as do laps in the pool then. Soon, some of us will be noticed lying on lawn chairs in the dark to view the Perseids, at peak between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. August 11-13. These are the brightest of the meteor showers and a joy to watch before a sound sleep on a warm night.
Ice cream’s a special treat on a summer day, and Penn State’s Creamery flavors are available down the road! Sit awhile in the gazebo, relax, look around while enjoying each lick! Our monthly calendar always shows places to be more active with neighbors. Try the recipe in the newsletter; tomatoes, zucchini and corn, or course, are all available freshly picked…our own farm-to-table dining pleasures!
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