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Bonus Days!
Posted on Oct 1st, 2019

It seems another whole month’s been added between September and October this year! In our over-55 community of Four Seasons at Elm Tree, even our celebrated 98 year old resident regularly enjoys his daily walks in this delightful weather! Walkable communities, the German concept termed baugruppen, are a recent plus for senior citizens’ lifestyles, therefore our township path nearby fits well. 
     The bounty and bliss of autumn is forthcoming with Potluck Dinners at the clubhouse including menus of comfort foods and pumpkin varieties. More indoor activities will replace golf and Pickleball…but not too soon! Cooler nights and sunny days bring the leaf colors we, in the north, delight in bragging. Lower temperatures are a part of a healthier life, and naps perk memory, alertness and mood. Our many social events keep us moving often and enjoying companionship, which is another important part of aging well. 
     Our Four Seasons at Elm Tree’s monthly newsletter and calendar are accessed easily to assure that we aren’t missing anything! Many new neighbors are becoming more used to keeping updated and involved. Our location in Mount Joy keeps us stretching farther to find and enjoy new programs and performances close enough to attend or volunteer. However, there is plenty to do and plan right here in the community! 
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