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Sixty Two Degrees
Posted on Oct 31st, 2019

     And, the question is: What is the magic number for brainwork?
     Therefore, the lower temperatures are on our side, a bit! We’ll try to embrace our winter layers here at Four Seasons at Elm Tree for the next several months, maybe sleeping more, losing weight and allowing our brains to function even better. Healthy and happy goals.
     Getting involved in this over-55 community certainly benefits us in many ways: meeting people, understanding their differences and backgrounds, working as a team in volunteer capacities on committees or social functions, exerting our bodies in activity choices. We can gain a true sense of community, have fun any way we like, discover attractions to share that are nearby, be sensitive to our “Alive Triggers”, and seek them with open and receptive minds.
     Special events are on the monthly calendar, as always; we easily can note them to ask friends and neighbors to accompany us. Holiday planning will include family gatherings at hearth and home, allowing everyone to share updates and highlights.
     “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” (Great Gatsby’s Jordan Baker assures Daisy!). So, wear your woolly sweater as you wish upon a star before the first snowfall! We will be prepared at Four Seasons at Elm Tree, Mount Joy, PA.
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