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Bonus Time!
Posted on Jan 1st, 2020

We may well be past Y2K, but Prince’s “1999” never fails to fire up people! In Four Seasons at Elm Tree, here in Mount Joy, PA, our over-55 community soon will enjoy the heat from our covered dish supper choices, the events in the Fireplace Room at the clubhouse, warmth from good friendships established here, and sunshine between snowflakes!
     With an extra day in this 2020 Leap Year, we know we can catch up on rest from our winter travels, from our brisk walks outdoors throughout the neighborhood, from clearing files for tax prep or photos that have accumulated, even from taking the additional time to learn a new craft or language, things perhaps we’ve made resolutions to do and yet have put off the doing.
    We may be experimental innovators who tweak ideas over time, based on our experiences, people who reinvent themselves and their craft along the way. Aging is giving us opportunities to learn from each other, time to contemplate new thoughts that are coming together, and brand new tools from innovative technology and materials. 
     It is also easy at Four Seasons at Elm Tree to add the many benefits of friendships: greater longevity, better overall mental health, and lower anxiety, as so many studies show. Social connections are good for the body and soul with powerful influence on health and our futures.
     If polarization is dividing our culture, relationships with our neighbors are the antidote! We are trying to take advantage of all that our years have given us, and now…we have an extra day to do that!
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