Fall Fun and Food
Posted on Oct 13th, 2016

A morning's frost at Four Seasons at Elm Tree had us scurrying, to bring in plants, find the afghans and turn on some heat again! However, so much bright sunshine keeps us outdoors, walking, gardening, decorating the yards with pumpkins and mums, and checking the calendars for the fall activities.
Can you believe there are so many dozens of pumpkin-flavored foods to enjoy? The next Pot Luck supper may have some new recipes to try with pumpkin or squash. They are so plentiful to find at our produce markets and everyone has a favorite. A few in our over-55 community still hunt and delight in venison and pheasant! Pennsylvania Dutch recipes are tweaked by each cook and baker, especially as holiday food planning approaches. Comfort foods for cold winters bring noodles and gravies, stews and meatloaves with many special desserts. Barbeque grilles are almost all covered for several months and the Hot Dog Nights by the pool won't resume until after Memorial Day.
The approaching Halloween party and the DJ Dance will include refreshments as do other regularly scheduled events. The Men's and the Women's monthly luncheons have been advertised in our current newsletter with new restaurants to try with friends and neighbors. The Garden Group has pruned perennial plants and reviewed ideas for next season's planting. Our own tomatoes and herbs have been harvested and prepared for winter cooking with some plants being brought indoors to keep ready for replanting.
The Four Seasons Singers have been rehearsing their new music with dates planned for their local appearances, much desired by many organizations. Our monthly calendars keep us aware of all the days and evenings we need to be ready for fun this fall!
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