Honoring our Armed Forces at Four Seasons at Elm Tree
Posted on Oct 28th, 2016

As an over-55 community, it isn't difficult for us to know many Armed Forces' veterans from so many branches of the services and to spend time honoring them in November. The monthly newsletter is filled with two pages of our neighbors' names, their years and branch of service. No doubt there are shared stories and some too tough to tell.
We gather together for a chance to say thank you, to pay our respects with a flag-raising, some light refreshments and a special time listening to songs from our own Four Seasons Singers. We hear of the younger generation, some of our grandchildren, deployed to duties around the world.
As has been done for many years at Four Seasons at Elm Tree, the Women's Association enjoys baking Christmas cookies, wrapping and sending them to designated Troops. Sometimes we know the soldiers, but we like to find any men and women who can have a bit of home baking as well as other wants and needs.
Throughout the year, boxes are sent including requested food items like granola bars and beef jerky to things such as toiletries and socks. One of the women organizes, budgets and gets some help for mailing costs. We all chip in as needed and have initiated an Easter egg candy mailing as well. Even personal notes and cards are added to say thank you and they are not forgotten. It is very rewarding to receive acknowledgements and thank you notes from the Troops.
Veterans' Day does have a very particular place in our community.
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