Different Changes
Posted on Oct 13th, 2016

"Summer's lease has too short a date"...Shakespeare
     Some of us are closing beach houses or returning from foreign traveling; some are back to school as aides and mentors or volunteering in the area. Four Seasons at Elm Tree is filled with active people enjoying the choices of retirement, or almost! Summer's heat has cooled to rainy days bringing thoughts of baking pumpkin treats, more card playing at the clubhouse and gatherings there, like "Cawfee Tawk" and Women's Exercise each morning.
     A new program for enriching our lives with tactics for better thinking about our bodies as they age, the needed motion and helpful eating choices, will begin soon. The group ethic will realize some positive changes and behaviors for many of us over-55 community members.
     Memoir writing assistance is offered as a unique gift to our families! Some of us are testing our memories to try that. We all learn more about each other as we help on committees, organize new programs together, listen to different perspectives at book club, or play golf, ride bikes and motorcycles, and chat at Bingo!
     The four seasons here turn into more educational, enjoyable times with such welcoming neighbors!
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