Neighbors and Community
Posted on Mar 10th, 2017

      Yes, those thinking "golf" are acting now to solicit anyone interested in playing with the group this season! The Donegal course is close by and new golfers are very we know that spring at Four Seasons at Elm Tree is weeks away! Walkers on the park's path just above us have been more frequent whether with their dogs along or not. A new dog park has opened, and we even have a sidewalk all the way to the mini-mall down the street so we can pick up some extra groceries, use a parcel service, check for new glasses,  and have a light lunch, among other things!
      Our HOA volunteer board of three has done yeoman service over the winter in keeping us updated and better informed. Email contacts and, especially, our comprehensive monthly newsletter and easy-to-read calendar are a constant resource of activities and relevant issues.  As an over-55 community, volunteer opportunities abound and many talents and career experiences are able to be used readily in conjunction with others we meet here. Committee members and heads have been available to answer questions and take our suggestions as we encounter concerns. We are welcomed to their regular meetings with our ideas taken into consideration. We are neighbors and what decisions are made impact all of us.
     The Women's Association and the various special interest groups here offer diverse programs and opportunities allowing us to be involved as much or as little as we choose. There is a wealth of information and resources to be had as we mix and discover each other.
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