March Winds Doth Blow...
Posted on Mar 14th, 2017

…and we shall have snow!! The predicted snowstorm makes some of us snow-happy following such a grey, warm winter here in Four Seasons at Elm Tree. The daffodils and forsythia are starting to yellow but will have to refrain from blooming too early now.
     Our over-55 community continues to stay active with an AARP defensive driving seminar scheduled to help us be safe on the roads while reducing our auto insurance a bit. This bookends with the Wellness program which has new presenters each time covering topics such as sleeping, nutrition, and planning for aging issues. The monthly luncheons out haven’t been interrupted all winter thus far, and many are planning to attend the county library’s annual fundraising luncheon with guest speaker and signed book.
      Our newsletter alerted us to moving the clocks ahead to have light later in the evening, another sure sign of spring’s coming. A helpful article explained some smoke alarm recalls, plus a very comprehensive listing of estate planning was compiled for us to use and give to our families. Many of us volunteer this way, sharing our talents and interests.
     The Ides of March may show us some “brutal” weather, but we remain busy and glad to have neighbors who are helpful and near when we need each other.
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