Worm Moon
Posted on Mar 1st, 2022

     Leaving the Snow Moon behind now, the Roman god of agriculture takes his place as March is named for the sowing season, overseen by Mars. Our Four Seasons at Elm Tree over-55 residents are watching the waning winter, expecting warmth and growth once again!
     Some bulbs have appeared here and there! The golf league is prepping for its season again, plans are made by the Men’s and Women’s Lunch Groups for ventures to restaurants farther away from Mount Joy’s area, The Four Seasons’ Singers are rehearsing the Spring Concert, so there are several signs of activities moving away from the neighborhood.
     Here, however, new residents are buying homes next door with interest in participating in our many groups and committees. There is always room for more who can join in the fun and try new things! The Buddhists call shoshin “the beginner’s mind”, a chance to view yourself with new eyes. Novices to any of our groups are given instant help to learn and practice new skills. Pickleball, Bocce, Yoga, Bridge, needlework and more are organized regularly on our calendar to easily connect with those groups.
    All of us are adjusting to the constant changes we see as we transition to whatever comes next. Nothing seems too predictable anymore. But, our neighbors, friends and family are solid reminders of what we might expect and continue to enjoy as we age well in our community here.
    Ku jin gan lai…at the end of the bitter, sweet will come!
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