Women’s Activities for April
Posted on Apr 27th, 2015

     The Four Seasons at Elm Tree community has stayed quite active over the winter, even if some have spent some time away! The month began with the Women's Association's speaker from the Lancaster Office of the Aging, bringing much data on what is available there. Assistance with Medicare questions, employment as we age, and links to other services helpful to us had several of us taking notes and getting links and contact information.
     Latin American cuisine was tasted as many women drove to their monthly lunch out to meet and enjoy friends. Trying new restaurants each month helps us to know this area much better, then we can take our guests and families out to places we have enjoyed!
     The Book Club had several members attend the annual Lancaster County Public Library Author Luncheon, a fundraiser where they heard two women authors share their writing experiences and new books. One book was given as a part of the ticketed event, and there was an attractive  silent auction offering tempting items as well.
     Ladies' exercise classes, held weekdays in the clubhouse, are varied with yoga, walking, strength and balancing techniques, but now many of us are happy to look forward to water aerobics when our pool opens in May. Exercise schedules are noted on the monthly calendar and more detailed articles are included in the community's newsletter.
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