Living Life, Naturally!
Posted on Jun 1st, 2019

    In ancient times, the Chinese planted large-leafed trees purposely to hear the pattering of rain upon them…a wise notion to recognize that minutiae from natural things can enrich our lives. As we saw the last of May here in Four Seasons at Elm Tree, our over-55 community residents experienced plenty of rain storms, some resulting in gathering toppled plant pots and patio furniture! But, the sounds could be exciting, welcoming summer days again.
   Exceptionally early warmth was added to the weather locally, allowing our swimming pool to open right on time! Now, daily water aerobics is available, as well as continued exercise routines in the clubhouse and workout room there. But, the outdoors beckons our golfers, Bocce and Pickleball players. Many friends venture farther to local golf courses near us, as do walkers who enjoy creekside  trails and Lancaster County recreation locations with cool shade. Bikers are seen passing by as well! It’s time to be out, stretching our bodies, appreciating nature more.
    And yet, there is plenty of privacy here fostering relaxed living and security, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. Over age 55 residents make up 53% of all owner-occupied houses in America, and Four Seasons at Elm Tree has specially-built ones to check when they are on the real estate listings. 
   Lady Beetles bring us luck as they flit among our new flower blooms; would that June may be as fragrant and delightful as the new blossoms of last month!
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