Posted on Jun 30th, 2019

Mid-year…mid-life…fiscal year…financial life…
     What brings us to Four Seasons at Elm Tree in Mount Joy, PA? It’s quite impressive to note the residents who have moved here from local areas. Being nearer children and grandchildren is a top-of-the-list reason for many here, but location, financial balance and activities also are up there.
     People are beginning to consider a move when they become empty-nesters, or retire completely. Vacation spots become inviting, but perhaps limiting. Transitioning from a busy neighborhood to a community offering amenities year-round, companionship, and a fresh focus with more like-minded neighbors seems to be quite inviting!
     July days make it easy to enjoy more daylight and driving around to spot homes for sale, investigating them, taking a tour of our clubhouse with one of our ambassadors, checking our many activities on the monthly calendar or newsletter, all via our Four Seasons at Elm Tree volunteers. Maybe you’ll pop in when we’re having a Hamburger and Hotdog Night by the pool, or watch a Bocce game?
     Research shows our our peers can influence our health and happiness. Creating a new social network structure here can  bring some stress relief as we share similar memories from earlier life, then new memories are in the making!
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