Summer Daze
Posted on Jun 30th, 2020

“It’s not that easy being green.” * But, we at Four Seasons at Elm Tree, are expecting a gradual, sensible transition from the PA “yellow phase”. Many continue to use the path and township park for exercise and relief from indoor constancy, happily seeing neighbors as we walk. More stores and restaurants are trying outdoor pick-ups and eating. Our golfers have been out awhile as have the bikers and those attending water aerobics. The hot tub, library, and indoor workout room also have been busy.
Our July calendar and newsletter apprise us of some social activities and meetings at the clubhouse, socially distancing, of course. The perfect summer weather has permitted outdoor gathering for the ice cream truck with the anticipated 4th of July chicken barbecue upcoming! Our new pool furniture is used well on such hot days and evenings, while we await more openings for clubhouse use by billiards’, games’ and cards’ players.
Our Homeowners’ Assoc. represents bottom-up management which has kept us safer and harmonious. Landscapers are continuing to mow and trim as we enjoy our patios and sunrooms with gardening an added part of our days in the shutdown. A wabi-sabi lifestyle has made us keenly aware of each other’s needs and interests. Help is always on the way!
As we continue to face the unknowns, intermittency shows us the ebb and flow between energetic engagement with others and the nourishing stillness of being alone.
* Joe Raposo
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