The Bard's Right!
Posted on Aug 14th, 2018

“Summer’s lease hath too short a date”…agreed. But, we live each August day as well as we can here at Four Seasons at Elm Tree! Each season truly does offer so many different activities in our area. As many of us are over-55, retirees, we can await the start of school to plan a vacation more often with less expense and fewer travelers. Our friends can still come here to visit us all month, perhaps to enjoy the swimming pool and Hamburger-Hotdog Nights at the pavilion. 

      Outdoor fun like Bocce, Pickleball, tennis, golf and bike-riding extend the season until we say so! But, bowling leagues are being scheduled, and pool aerobics will end when the pool closes. Check our calendar to find new ways to fill the time. Our community’s volunteers create and send both the calendar and newsletter to keep us posted well every month. We can add anything we’d like to propose to the Activities Committee! 

      Our very successful Ambassadors’ program has well-versed residents helping realtors tour our clubhouse and amenities with prospective home buyers. There’s a lot “behind the scenes” to learn from those who’ve lived here awhile. We’re quite a welcoming community, ready to meet new neighbors! Many of us have brought friends here which adds to the interests and event-planning of all. 

      Summer’s lighter evenings and warmer temperatures make it easier to experience the Lancaster and Mount Joy areas. It’s such fun to find things to do together!

      So, William Shakespeare’s notable line reminds us to enjoy all we can manage as summer wanes. 
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