Waning Summer
Posted on Aug 31st, 2019

Waning Summer
     “…and summer’s lease hath too short a date.” (the Bard). 
     It’s so true, we feel, here at Four Seasons at Elm Tree. However, we know that many of us in this over-55 community can continue to travel without larger crowds and with better discounts now, as well as enjoy back-to-school news from the grandchildren! The Labor Day Picnic will be buzzing with updates and new plans for friends and neighbors. 
     Outdoor activities such as Pickelball, golf, Bocce, tennis, biking and walking for exercise and pleasure will linger with the good weather. Water aerobics and swimming must await the next summer season, alas. But a new Healthy Eating class will be offered, committees will meet more regulary as will the Book Club and the Four Seasons Singers.
     Early fall projects include sprucing up the neighborhood with the resealing of many driveways. Trees will be trimmed or planted which helps Mother Earth as well as the beauty of Four Seasons at Elm Tree! Colorful mums no doubt will replace annual flowers and blooming bushes. Life is good here as summer wanes.
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