Ninth not Seventh Month!
Posted on Sep 3rd, 2021

     In astronomical terms, we have passed the mid-point between the Summer solstice and the Fall equinox, also known as a cross-quarter day. Although we still have very warm days ahead, the sun is ever-so-slightly beginning to distance itself from our hemisphere and fall lower in the sky. Apropos, our Four Seasons at Elm Tree residents are rethinking their activities, such as preparing for the community yard sale and trading the pool’s water aerobics for indoor exercising together or in the workout room where some new equipment has been added! Our grandchildren are back to school, so we have more time for each other now!
     Our over-55 neighborhood has adapted well to covid needs and limitations; we’ve eaten from food trucks, masked when appropriate, held Zoom meetings, and so many other things we never expected to manage. But, it’s taught us to quiet our minds from negative distractions, thus focusing better on the moment of activity! Now, there is more use of our clubhouse, its library, billiards’ room, meeting areas, and where we meet for cards, games, puzzles, needlework, Happy Hours, and whatever the next Social Committee event has been planned!
     Being near so much wonderful country, we take advantage of harvested produce now, perhaps freezing or canning corn and tomato sauce for healthy winter meals. The ovens will warm our homes once again! Meanwhile, we might plant chrysanthemums, dry herbs, paint or make repairs before seasons change. So much is done for us here, we have more time to enjoy our own hobbies and pleasures! As Goethe wrote, one ought, every day, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if possible, to speak a few kind words.
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