Posted on Sep 30th, 2021

     Peaches to apples. Baseball to football. Flowers blooming to leaves falling. We, at Four Seasons at Elm Tree, an over-55 community in Mount Joy, PA, are experiencing many more than seasonal changes! Zoom to in-person meetings. Water aerobics to yoga. Golf courses to bowling lanes.
      We find that masks still must be worn many places, although most give us options. Hopefully, we are scheduling booster shots asap! We’re attending grandchildren’s sports’ events, waiting for them to be vaccinated soon, too. Screens are removed from our windows. Bushes and trees are being trimmed again. Crockpots have replaced barbecue grills.
       All of us are tilting from the sun now, after the Fall Equinox. The Harvest Moon has shone. Committees are regrouping, still looking for good volunteers. More driveways have been repaved, on schedule. Tennis and Pickle Ball players will turn to the Workout Room in our clubhouse. The puzzles and library books will become better used. Game and cards’  times will be busier.
      Have you sniffed some pumpkin wafting from the kitchen? It’s Kummerspeck time…(grief bacon), German for comfort foods and overeating! Hearth and home. Sweaters and socks. But, the heron still come to the ponds!
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