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One More
Posted on Feb 1st, 2024 Comments (0)
Once More
    As the shortest month, February seems chock full of holidays! And, this year one more is added as Leap Year Day on the 29th. All of us at Four Seasons at Elm Tree can stay busy during the winter with outdoor and clubhouse activities. The Caring Hearts Dinner highlights this month, but various exercise choices, Book Club, games, and the monthly men’s and women’s lunches are on the calendar. 
     Throughout Lancaster County, we can find Chinese New Year of the Dragon festivities, many Valentine specials from restaurants and florists, always annual offers for Presidents’ Weekend, and fastnachts and treats for Mardi Gras’ Carnival. Living near so many historic and academic places brings extra benefits for seniors as auditing classes, attending seminars, and touring with friends and families bring us new perspectives as to what has been here for ages and what is here now. 
     We continue to volunteer here and outside the community, donate to the Mount Joy Food Bank regularly, help our neighbors as soon as need is known, and stay well by walking the neighborhood and using the Workout Room. In answer to the Scandinavian Hygge, we can embrace the Scottish Coorie by enjoying warmth and coziness, a lifestyle which has us spending time with loved ones in comfort during the midst of winter. Our homes here make that especially easy to do!  
     What will you do with the extra 24 hours gained this month??