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Posted on May 2nd, 2022 Comments (0)
Migration is over until autumn, although we notice ducks, geese, and hopefully, our herons, settling at the two ponds near the clubhouse! Sunshine, green lawns, and budding trees have brought us outdoors again as we try to fend winds and some chillier days to plant, walk, and see one another. May has come at last.
     Four Seasons at Elm Tree has very few houses for sale again since people have been searching well for what we have here in our over-55 community. New activities have us checking for available calendar times, hoping we might schedule several lectures, morning yoga, hiking outings, now opening to us. Learning new skills can alter our definition of who we are. We’ve undergone many changes in our pasts, therefore, cannot believe us incapable of much change now on. Simply creating new and smoother routines can bring comfort. Are we sharing spring cleaning the garage, attic, basement? Even clearing a drawer or two gives satisfaction and less to stress us, as the Japanese danshari teaches so well.
     Nesting birds will bring us pleasure as well as some clean-up if too close to our living spaces. How wonderful to live where we can watch lambs grazing, mules pulling plows and the occasional windmill still whirling in the breezes! Maia, the Roman goddess of spring, is warming the earth once again, uplifting and revitalizing our spirits!