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Wisdom with Age
Posted on Mar 31st, 2020 Comments (0)
Wisdom with Age
Four Seasons at Elm Tree, Mount Joy, PA, USA. We are here, all of us, together… however, not so much right now. Although not physically, we certainly can touch one another in our over-55 neighborhood. Cards, notes, calls, emails, waves, six feet separations for chatting across the roads…all have been in evidence here recently.
We have power! There are so many positives: mental and physical health to keep us exercising and to help make sense of new day-to-day concerns, working utilities for cooking and warmth, phones and computers for ready communication, running water for clean clothes, innovative ways to obtain good foods, lovely homes in which to pass this time with extra reading, creative pastimes and worthwhile occupations.
Living in such a rural, green community, we easily might take advantage of getting outside more often to walk the streets and park paths, to watch spring’s lovely evolution. Notice bright Venus and the constellations in the broad night sky here! Tell your grandchildren to be on the phone with you at the same time as you are, both watching the moon together. Little things mean a lot as our aging has shown us…wise use of time and real resourcefulness in dealing with what we might stock and share. Making do, and rediscovering thoughtful ways to use what we have without unnecessary trips to the store.
Wake and fall asleep with a positive thought each time! Remind your children of ways to cope using wise choices and to remain focused on the really important things. Stress to them staying well for all concerned!
“It is strange how new and unexpected conditions bring out unguessed ability to meet them.” (E. Rice Burroughs)